Bear Cub Crashes Pool Party

A bear cub crashed a pool party in Southern California. The confused and lost bear wandered into the family’s backyard, where they were relaxing around the pool.

The one-year-old bear caused quite a ruckus as she roamed around the neighborhood. Neighbors were put on alert and a local school was placed on lock down while wildlife officials pursued the bear.

As reported by HLN, the bear was eventually captured and sedated. She was released, unharmed, into the mountains. Officials expect that the bear cub crashed the pool party in an attempt to find food.

Several bears have been found in Southern California neighborhoods. Deadly wildfires continue to threaten and destroy their natural habitat.

Wildfires are an ongoing concern in Southern California. Officials have warned that this season is expected to be especially bad. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack highlighted this point, following a visit to the national Interagency Fire Center in Idaho on Monday.

As reported by Press Telegram, soon after the warning was issued, another fire ignited in northern Fontana. The “Lytle Fire” quickly spread, covering more than 75 acres.

Southern California is especially prone to wildfires this season. The winter and spring were very dry, and the temperatures are unseasonably hot. These conditions usually indicate a dangerous wildfire season.

Wildfires destroy neighborhoods and forests. The impact on families and their property is always of first concern. However, animals are often negatively impacted by wildfires as well.


Officials have pointed out that the bear cub crashing the pool party was likely looking for food. As the forests are destroyed, animals are forced to leave their natrual habitat.

As discussed by, loss of habitat is a serious threat to forest animals. Many animals leave the forest, returning when the fire is extinguished. However, when the leave the forest, they often wander into populated areas.

This is not only a threat to the people they encounter, it is a threat to their survival as well. Thankfully, the bear cub that crashed the pool party was not harmed, and was returned to her natural habitat.

[Image via Wikimedia]