Ali Lohan: Model Must Prove Herself After Lindsay’s Escapades, She Says

Ali Lohan’s modeling career seems like a natural choice for the tall, slender 19-year-old sister of Lindsay Lohan. The black-clad beauty has just signed with top agency Wilhelmina Models in New York, prompting a featured interview in Tuesday’s Women’s Wear Daily “Model Call.”

Of course, her 26-year-old older sister Lindsay was recently in the news when she checked into California’s Betty Ford Clinic for a 90-day lockdown stay.

Before she moved to New York, Ali was staying with Lindsay Lohan in Los Angeles, but the loyal up-and-coming model told WWD that her big sister was actually a good roommate.

Of course, she also called their mother, Dina Lohan, “the best mom ever,” so Ali might just be a positive person who says happy things about family. Dina Lohan is sometimes regarded as a pushy stage mother with a challenging personality.

As a teen, Ali Lohan starred with Dina Lohan in a reality show called Living Lohan. The criticized program lasted nine episodes.

Be that as it may, Ali said that she asked to move to New York, prompting her Los Angeles agency Next to reach out to Wilhelmina.

Despite being famous mostly for being Lindsay’s younger sister, Ali said:

“I would just like to be known as my own person. I don’t need to ride on any coattails. I just want to make my mark myself. I definitely have to prove myself — just showing up on time and doing everything that you’re supposed to do.”

Best advice from Ali ever got from Lindsay?

“She just says the main thing is to do your best and to do what you love.”

Well, unless what you love is cocaine. And booze. And Adderall.

Let’s hope that the leggy model can escape the addictions that have snared her sister.

Ready or not, here comes Ali Lohan.

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