Lindsay Lohan Leaves Rehab, Dad Talks Her Out Of Flying To NYC

Lindsay Lohan left rehab before she even set foot through the door. Now reports are suggesting that the troubled star was considering a flight to New York City until her dad intervened.

It would appear that the actress just can’t stay out of trouble these days. Although Lohan is supposed to be receiving treatment at a rehabilitation facility right about now, she is believed to be out and about somewhere in California.

Michael Lohan explained that his daughter was preparing to board a flight to New York City shortly after leaving rehab. The actress’ dad ultimately talked her out of getting on the plane.

“The [prosecutor] called me to get in touch with Lindsay, who was headed to get on a flight to New York. I stopped her from getting on and told her she’d be arrested in New York,” Michael explained to the New York Daily News.

He continued, “She said, ‘Daddy, how can they arrest me?’ I got her just before she left.”

Since Lindsay Lohan doesn’t seem to understand how the legal system operates, her father explained what would happen to her if she decided to board that flight. Michael stated that Lindsay wasn’t happy about how life in rehab would unfold.

“I told her it’s like a motel, and you share a room and have a plastic shower curtain. You can’t smoke, you can’t leave the property. She said, ‘What?!'” Michael said.

Around the time that attorney Mark Heller explained to Los Angeles County Judge James Dabney that his client was in rehab, she was reportedly spotted inside an electronic’s store in Fountain Valley, California. Sources say she was “spooked” by the number of photographers outside of the facility.

Lohan’s decision to skip her stint in rehab means she is violating her court order. While she could be arrested and tossed into jail, prosecutors haven’t obtained a warrant as of this writing.

What do you think about Lindsay Lohan leaving rehab? Do you think the actress should spend time in jail for violating the court order?

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