Fox News Host Jeanine Pirro NRA Speech: Gun Control Is ‘Politically Correct Nonsense’ [Video]

Judge Jeanine Pirro is at it again, this time delivering a rousing gun rights speech at the NRA convention in Houston.

In her remarks, she completed rejected the politically correct premise that according to her disarming legal gun owners will in any way put an end to gun violence. Pirro added that gun ownership is consistent with traditional constitutional principles. “I own guns because it’s my right, it’s my Second Amendment right, and no one in Washington gave me that right; it’s a natural right confirmed by the very people that founded this nation.”

Pirro recently attracted a lot of buzz with her epic rant against Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, the mother of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects, on her Fox News show Justice with Judge Jeanine Pirro.

Jeanine Pirro had a 30-year career in New York law enforcement as a prosecutor, judge, and Westchester County District Attorney, during which she received many death threats from criminals. That background forms a significant part of this powerful address (see embed below).

In her NRA address, she first focused on Gov. Deval Patrick (D – Mass.) who initially refused to reveal how much taxpayer-funded welfare Tamerlan Tsarnaev received for reasons based on privacy (the full story on public assistance benefits awarded to he and his family has likely not yet come out). Pirro was incredulous: “Governor, what privacy? It was our hard-earned money — you give our money to a terrorist who murdered Americans, who blinded, deafened, and blew the arms and legs off innocent civilians, who turned the city of Boston into a lockdown war zone … and now you want to protect his privacy?”

She then connected Tsarnaev privacy concerns with the complete lack of privacy to gun owners shown by the Journal News in upstate New York. As you may recall, that was the newspaper that controversially published an interactive map (since taken down) of licensed gun owners names and addresses. Pirro has continued to pound on the newspaper for this decision. “On the other hand, it’s okay to invade my privacy and publish my name and where I live on an interactive map because I am a lawful gun owner. Which is why this girl from New York City, in high heels, is in Texas standing in front of you.”

The Journal News claimed it published the information because it wanted to share as much information about gun owners in the area in the aftermath of the massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. But Pirro isn’t buying into that justification. “How dare you connect law abiding citizens like me exercising my Second Amendment right to a sick mass murderer of children?”

The newspaper’s irresponsible decision to reveal home addresses didn’t just put cops and prosecutors at risk for retaliation from gang members, drug dealers and other criminals, but also battered women, corrections officers, and court witnesses, Pirro insisted. She also noted that as a result of all the protests the followed the release of the interactive map, the newspaper hired armed guns to patrol its offices. Separately, Project Veritas revealed that various anti-gun journalists were unwilling to position “gun-free zone” signs outside their own homes.

Alluding to the gun-control advocating journalists who she described as “egghead elitists,” Pirro claimed that by “banging the First Amendment drum,” these media pundits “are trying to take away our Second Amendment rights.” She added that “many of us have been threatened for years; we have reasons for having guns, and they are none of your damn business.”

Alluding to the criticism she received after her epic rant about Zubeidat Tsarnaeva that incorrectly accused her of blaming all Muslims for the actions of a few, Pirro had this response: “I’ve got an idea; how about you don’t blame all gun owners for the actions of a few?”

Addressing gun-control advocating politicians in general, and the Obama administration in particular, Pirro asserted that “it’s not the legal gun owners you have to worry about — it’s the illegal gun owners that are killing us.”

With respect to laws such as the one recently passed in her home state of New York that limits the amount of bullets in a magazine, Pirro is not a fan: “Who are you to tell me how many bullets I need to protect myself and who are you to tell me when the threat is over when its my life on the line and you are nowhere to protect me?”

Pirro then focused on Chicago, Barack Obama’s crime-ridden political hometown, which she classified as the “murder capital of America.” According to Pirro, “If the Obama administration had their way, we could be like Chicago … because they’ve taken away guns from everyone but the criminals. That’s the mentality that’s got thousands of victims in Chicago killed in the first place.”

Finally she offered a solution to the problem of gun violence in America which comes down to going after the wrongdoers, i.e., prosecuting gun crimes, gun trafficking, and gun homicides. Addressing gun control advocates, she noted that criminals “couldn’t care less about your hair-brained idea of registering, insuring, taxing, and tracking their guns … but you have to prosecute the cases. But you don’t do it by taking guns away from law-abiding citizens like us.”

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Agree or disagree, the Fox host and former judge speaks with passion on this issue. Watch Judge Jeanine Pirro’s entire presentation at the National Rifle Association convention. Does it in any way change the way you think about gun control vs. gun rights?

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