Arias Trial Gruesome Closing Arguments Makes Accused Cry

The Arias trial courtroom heard prosecutor Juan Martinez’s fiery and sometimes gruesome closing arguments on Thursday. As all the world knows, accused killer 32-year-old Jodi Arias has spent the last five months on trial in Maricopa County, Arizona Superior Court in Phoenix for the brutal knife slaying of 30-year-old boyfriend Travis Alexander.

Prosecutor Martinez pounded the table and raised his voice at strategic times for emphasis as he summed up his case for cold-blooded murder. He also underscored his argument by displaying a bloody photo of the victim’s back, which was covered in stab wounds.

Calling her a liar and a manipulator, Martinez said that Arias wants the jury to believe that she’s the victim. “But the reality is this,” he said, gesturing at the gruesome photo.

The June 2008 killing could lead to either the death penalty or life in prison for Jodi Arias if the trial jury votes to convict her of first-degree murder. If they think she acted on impulse, they can also choose to convict her of the lesser charge of second-degree murder or even manslaughter.

Alexander’s friends and family cried during the grueling but gripping speech. She inflicted almost 30 knife wounds on Alexander, shot him in the head, and slit his throat.

At times, Arias wept too, but she was also accused of smirking inappropriately.

She hasn’t denied killing Alexander but instead has claimed self-defense. Her attorneys will present the closing argument for the defense today. They may have an uphill battle after the prosecutor’s convincing presentation.

The Arias trial has become a national obsession, and everybody has something to say about it. For instance, Donald Trump can’t resist weighing in to blurt out what a lot of people are already thinking:

Some other non-fans of Jodi Arias react:

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[bloody knife photo by robtek via Shutterstock]