Trump Ad Banned In UK For Alleged Misleading Claims

A Donald Trump ad has been banned in the UK for being misleading, enraging the American reality TV star and prompting a flurry of Twitter jabs.

Trump’s banned ad was rejected on the basis of several complaints about accuracy and veracity of claims made in the bit, and The Donald raged on Twitter yesterday after the news was reported.

According to Trump, his banned ad has gotten more visibility due to the controversy, to which he would like to add, “nyah.” Trump fumed:

“By rejecting my ad on ugly windmills & @AlexSalmond‘s faulty thinking on the ‘Lockerbie bomber’ the ad is now on worldwide newscasts.”

Earlier, though, he seemed less accepting, and complained:

“Scotland does not have free press, even when you are just stating the facts-it’s crazy!”

Among the objectionable claims Trump’s banned ad made, the Advertising Standards Authority took exception to the assertion that wind farms would definitively harm tourism in the area of Scotland in which the mogul’s golf resort is located.

The ASA explains:

“While a concentration of windfarms might have serious implications for a limited number of individual households, the impact of windfarms on Scottish tourism was very small … Because we had not received evidence that tourism would significantly suffer as a result of windfarms in Scotland we concluded that the claim had not been substantiated.”

Trump later fired back over the banning:

He concluded:

The ASA ruled:

“The ad must not appear again in its current form. e told Trump International Golf Club Scotland Ltd not to make claims unless they could be substantiated with robust evidence and not to use misleading imagery.”

Originally, the Trump ad banned had stated that the “beauty of your country is in jeopardy!”

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