Jodi Arias Says She Doesn’t Remember Stabbing

Jodi Arias says she doesn’t remember stabbing her ex-boyfriend.

Confessed murderer Jodi Arias explained to an Arizona jury today that when ex-boyfriend ,Travis Alexander, saw her drop his new camera, he body slammed her to the floor. Then he threatened to kill her, and she defended herself. She remembered a gun going off by accident, but doesn’t remember doing any stabbing.

Jodi Arias, 32, has been trying to convince the jury that killing Travis Alexander, 27, was an act of self-defense. In a violent episode in what has been painted as an increasingly abusive relationship, she did what she had to do. Jodi Arias could face the death penalty if convicted of the murder.

Jodi Arias claims that, while taking nude photos of Travis Alexander, she dropped his camera and made him violently angry. He picked her up and slammed her against the tile floor in a screaming fit. Jodi Arias escaped, running into the closet and out the second closet door. Entering his office, she grabbed a gun from the top shelf where she knew Travis Alexander kept it.

Jodi Arias kept running and pointed the gun at Travis Alexander to make him stop.

According to ABC News, Jodi Arias stated:

“I pointed it at him with both of my hands. I thought that would stop him, but he just kept running. He got like a linebacker, he got low and grabbed my waist, and as he was lunging at me the gun went off. I didn’t mean to shoot. I didn’t even think I was holding the trigger. But he lunged at me and we fell really hard toward the tile wall, so at this point I didn’t even know if he had been shot. I didn’t see anything different. We were struggling, wrestling, he’s a wrestler. So he’s grabbing at my clothes and I got up, and he’s screaming angry, and after I broke away from him. He said ‘f***ing kill you b****.'”

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