School Hosts ‘Redneck Day’ In Arizona

A school organized “Redneck Day” has drawn criticism from several civil rights leaders in Arizona.

The Queen Creek High School encouraged students to dress up as rednecks this week in order to build school spirit before prom. But the event didn’t really have the effect that the school was hoping for.

Instead of building school spirit, redneck day drew complaints from several civil rights leaders in the area.

Maureen Costello, director of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s teaching tolerance program, said: “They’ve chosen an event that stereotypes an entire group of people… and under those circumstances, they should hardly be surprised that they also offend people.”

The school’s redneck day was also criticized for the NAACP after student’s brought confederate flags to the school.

The Rev. Oscar Tillman, president of the Maricopa County NAACP, said: “Our community knows what that flag represents…. A school is supposed to be for education and showing people where we come from, our history, and to try not to go back to some things.”

Tom Lindsey, superintendent of the Queen Creek Unified School District, said that the school’s Redneck Day was designed to spoof the popular show Duck Dynasty. Lindsey apologized for the event and said that the school didn’t mean to offend anyone.

Lindsey said: “We apologize to any people who, because of the word (redneck), were offended.”

Surprisingly, the high school’s Redneck Day wasn’t the only offensive celebration held this week. A Seattle elementary school was planning a “White Trash Wednesday” for Teacher Appreciation Week.

Chris King, a parent of one of Sunnycrest Elementary School’s students, said: “It was incredibly offensive… I’m mixed race. I’m half-black and half-white, and not only do I hate the term but the term doesn’t have a place in elementary school.”

The event was cancelled after parent’s complained.

What do you think about Redneck Day and White Trash Wednesday? Are these celebrations offensive?

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