WWE Rumors: New Update On Vince McMahon Emerges Amid Reports Of Health Issues

Following multiple rumors suggesting that WWE chairman Vince McMahon might not be in the best of health, a new report has emerged with reassuring information on the wrestling executive’s current condition.

Citing an internal source familiar with the situation, Wrestling News‘ Paul Davis wrote on Tuesday that McMahon is “fine.” The insider also pointed out that the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in some changes to the chairman’s schedule, but otherwise, he remains as active and healthy as ever.

“He still trains hard and he might forget some things here and there but that is because he has so many things on his plate. There is nothing about him that feels different other than he has aged just like all of us age. I think because of Covid he gets more time to sleep since he doesn’t have to travel as much but that is the only thing that has changed about him.”

As recapped by Davis, the first rumors regarding the matter emerged last week after former superstar Ryback tweeted that he had heard McMahon’s health “isn’t great these days.” He later added that he hopes the chairman would recover, but only so that he could “witness [him] kicking his a**.” This marked the latest in a string of negative comments the former Intercontinental Champion has made about his former boss on social media, including a tweet in September where he wrote that the world “will be a better place” when McMahon dies.

A few days after Ryback’s update, AEW color commentator Jim Ross appeared on his Grilling JR podcast, where he sounded off on the reports and admitted that he hasn’t heard anything concerning about McMahon’s condition. He did, however, add that the 75-year-old executive still works like a man five decades younger, stressing that he “only [wishes] him the best” and that he’s concerned about his obsession with work and his hectic schedule.

McMahon’s tireless work ethic as the man in charge of arguably the world’s most prominent pro-wrestling promotion has been well documented over the years. In 2018, Wrestling News quoted comments made by current Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown executive director Bruce Prichard on a podcast appearance, where he revealed that McMahon only gets “a couple of hours” of sleep at night and wakes up early in the morning to work out. He did, however, acknowledge that the billionaire would occasionally take half-hour-long power naps at certain points in the day.

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