‘This Is Us’ Spoilers: Madison Calls Out Kevin For Putting His Movie Career Before Her

This Is Us fans will soon see a new dynamic in Kevin’s relationship with Madison.

In the upcoming episode, titled “The Long Road Home,” the Number One Pearson son will get called out by his instant fiancée after she complains about his plans to travel for his latest movie role.

“You’re upset that we’re traveling for my work?” Kevin (played by Justin Hartley) asks in the clip, which can be seen on Instagram here.

“You made a commitment to a lot of people but you also made a commitment to me and these kids,” Madison (Caitlin Thompson) replies.

The scene does not bode well for the couple as they maneuver their new life as an engaged pair after a one-night stand resulted in a twin pregnancy and bonded them for life.

On social media, some viewers were upset to see Kevin with Madison. Many fans have hoped the character will get back with his high school sweetheart and ex-wife, Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge).

“I just don’t see Kevin & Madison happening,” one viewer tweeted.

But others held out hope for the unlikely pair to work things out.

“I understand how Kophie shippers think Kevin and Madison working on their problems is a bad thing since Kevin and Sophie would always split up the first time an obstacle came in their way,” a fan wrote. “It’s all good, kids. This is what a mature relationship looks like. It’s not kindergarten.”

Of course, even Hartley has doubts that his character’s relationship will survive. In a recent interview with TV Line, he admitted that while Kevin did the right thing by vowing to be there for Madison, “you can’t really force love.”

“It doesn’t work,” the actor said. “He’s also in a little bit of a predicament. It’s not like he’s dating a woman that he doesn’t want to be dating. He’s in a situation where she’s having his babies.”

Hartley noted that Kevin is in a bind because he has a grand vision of being a wonderful father like his dad Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) — even if he’s not technically in love with his childrens’ mother.

Fans know that Madison was not included in a future-set scene at Kevin’s house, which is a sign that she may not be in his life a decade or so from now.

In addition, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman teased that Madison and Kevin may not end up together in the end when he teased there could be “many more chapters” in his romantic story.

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