‘This Is Us’ Fans Reflect On Their Favorite Major Moments Of The Show’s 2020 Season

Fans of the NBC television series This Is Us reflected on their favorite major moments of the series throughout 2020. Their picks varied from lighthearted fare to some of the deepest and most traumatic events in the lives of the fictitious Pearson family. Clan members include Jack, Rebecca, Kevin, Randall, Kate, Toby, and Beth, as well as other fringe characters that have become integral parts of their storyline.

The show shared a photo montage on its official Instagram page and posted a sequence of nine images featuring the TV family. Viewers are invested in the characters, whose story continues to be told through present-time, flashbacks, and fast-forward teasers. Fans shared some of their favorite moments in the comments section of the post, which has been liked over 31,000 times thus far.

Many users had difficulty pinpointing just one particular moment that they enjoyed best.

“How can you pick just one?? I think of one, then another one pops into my head. Sorry just too many to choose from!” wrote one Instagram follower.

Another shared that a pivotal moment that was revealed prior to the show’s winter hiatus interested them more than any other.

“Finding out that Randall’s mom was still alive. That was a jaw-dropper,” added a second viewer.

A third noted that it was a point between two of the three siblings that captivated them most.

“Kevin telling Kate and Toby about the twins. I’m still stuck in this scene! Make this new family happen in the wonderful way you know how to do, please!!! Kevin deserves a lot,” penned a loyal viewer.

Lastly, a fan wrote that any episode that features their favorite lead actor, Milo Ventimiglia, was their favorite.

“When the trio listens to Jack’s tape at the cabin. Basically, all Jack moments are my absolute favorites,” noted a fourth follower, referring to a time when Kate, Randall, and Kevin gather at their family home in the woods and find a tape of their father speaking.

As This Is Us moves toward its return on January 5, fans will find the following storylines on the table as it heads into the remainder of Season 5, reported TV Insider. A rough patch for parents-to-be Kevin and Madison will occur, as well as a flashback reunion between teenaged Kate and her abusive ex, Marc.

The show’s creator, Dan Fogelman, posted a statement on Twitter on November 17, revealing that viewers could expect some important tidbits moving forward.

“A lot of answers when we return. Promise. The [This Is Us] writers are on fire and we’re making them as fast (and safely) as humanly possible! I’m very excited about all that comes next,” he wrote.

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