Pat Robertson Says 'Demonic' Dungeons & Dragons Has 'Literally Destroyed Lives' [Video]

If you're about to play a friendly game of Dungeons & Dragons with a group of virgins friends, stay thy hand! According to 700 Club host Pat Robertson, the game is demonic, and has literally destroyed people's lives.

Though I remember people believing that Dungeons & Dragons was a role-playing game hand-tailored by Satan himself 15 or 20 years ago, I had no idea that people still thought this was the case.

I recall third, fourth, fifth and beyond-hand accounts of players becoming so obsessed with D&D that they became violent or suicidal, and completely unable to differentiate fantasy from reality.

Of course, most people ultimately realized that if these stories were true, then those individuals concerned had problems beyond a poor character build and a "chaotic evil" alignment.

But still, Pat Robertson believes that D&D is indeed Devil worship, singling the game out when asked whether it was okay to enjoy video games that featured magic in them.

He responded that such things are of the "occult," and told the questioner to "flee from evil."

But if you must play such games, just make sure you stay away from that Dungeons & Dragons one because it has "literally destroyed people's lives."

I don't know if the game has destroyed any lives, but it has definitely taken its toll on a few careers:

D&D film

You can just add this strangeness to a heap of other bizarre Pat Robertson claims over the years. The most recent of which include a belief that non-believers won't experience miracles, demons live in second-hand clothing items, and that weird outlier belief he has about marijuana legalization being a-okay with the Big Man upstairs.

I don't know. But I give you Pat Robertson talking about Dungeons & Dragons below. Yeah, I know he's an easy target.