Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Violet’s Worried, Laura & Curtis Pursue A Lead, & Martin Issues A Warning

Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital will be jam-packed with drama and action. Not only will Carly face tough questions from Jordan, but her husband Curtis will pursue a lead out of town. In fact, spoilers from the sneak peek shared via Twitter suggests that he’ll once again head off on this investigative adventure with Laura by his side. There will be emotional moments for little Violet, and a big confession coming from Martin as well.

General Hospital teasers detail that Violet will be left worrying about Finn and Anna’s wedding. She’ll be emotional as she asks if something means she won’t be the flower girl anymore. It appears that this will be coming from Finn, and fans are not going to put up with anybody crushing the adorable little girl’s heart.

“#GH struck gold with the little one that plays Violet. Whoever made her sad, fix it,” one fan tweeted.

“Who made violet sad….i want names!!” another warned.

In addition, Finn will tell someone there’s something he needs to say, and this is all likely related to the mess of a double wedding that Maxie is pushing.

SheKnows Soaps details that Violet will be curious about something. Perhaps she overhears Anna and Finn talking about the double wedding debacle when they don’t realize she’s nearby. Whatever she hears might prompt her to presume that this impacts her upcoming job duties.

The General Hospital preview shows Curtis and Laura together in a car. She will ask him if it is time to shift to Plan B, so it seems their original approach to whatever they’re doing was unsuccessful.

This likely has to do with Florence and tying all of the pieces together with Cyrus, Laura, and their connection. General Hospital viewers recently received confirmation that Cyrus and Martin are brothers, and it looks like the two men and Laura likely share a biological father.

As Laura and Curtis are off on this jaunt, and Carly faces Jordan, General Hospital teasers reveal that Martin will meet with Valentin. The preview shows Martin telling Valentin that something won’t stay a secret for long.

Is Martin about to tell Valentin about his connection to Cyrus? The lawyer had managed to keep this entirely under wraps until recently. Julian figured it out after digging through his office and used it to threaten him. Soon after that, Martin ended up revealing the truth to Sonny as well.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Martin will tell Valentin a stunning tale. These two men have had quite the shady partnership for some time now, but it seems that even Valentin may end up caught off-guard by what Martin reveals.

Tuesday’s episode will also show Josslyn questioning Trina about believing what Cyrus said about Taggert. General Hospital spoilers suggest that the Taggert situation will lead to some dangerous developments as the week plays out and fans cannot wait to see what happens.

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