Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Carly’s Rattled When Jordan Tracks Her Down With More Questions

During Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital, spoilers reveal that Jordan will track down Carly again. The Port Charles police commissioner will have some additional questions, and it seems that this will rattle Carly.

It’s possible that this will be connected to Nelle’s death in some way. As much as this situation may have been put to rest, Carly is still hiding secrets. Even if Jordan wants to talk to her about something else, she will almost certainly assume the worst and panic a bit.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Jordan will tell Carly that a serious discussion needs to happen between the two of them. By the looks of the General Hospital sneak peek for Tuesday, this will almost immediately alarm Carly.

The General Hospital preview for the December 15 episode shows her making what seemed to be a rushed, desperate phone call. She will stand with her back turned to Jordan while they are at the Metro Court and tell the person on the other line to just listen and not say a word.

Rather than this being about Nelle, it seems possible it’ll actually be about Taggert. Jordan helped him fake his death, but she’s no longer the only one who knows he’s alive and in Port Charles.

Julian knew about Taggert and he told Cyrus. Cyrus told Trina, and the teen aroused suspicion with Epiphany at General Hospital. Epiphany warned Jordan that this situation was spiraling out of control.

Briana Henry plays Jordan on 'General Hospital'

In addition, Sonny, Jason, and Carly are all aware of Taggert’s presence in Port Charles too. In fact, he’s been hiding out at the house next to Sonny’s. If Jordan has concerns about Taggert and needs to talk to Carly about it, it’ll be interesting to see what is discussed and who is on the other end of that phone call.

It’s certainly also possible that Jordan’s questions will be related to Sonny, Jason, or Julian. Either way, Carly’s not going to want to reveal anything significant if she can help it, and it looks like she’ll try to give someone a heads-up about this development.

Later this week, General Hospital spoilers tease that Jordan and Taggert will be meeting up somewhere dark and wooded. It appears that someone will have a lead of sorts that they’re there, and she will be spooked. Will Taggert be exposed and will Trina and Portia face the shocker that he’s right there in town?

Come Friday, Carly will have an important discussion with Josslyn. That could be about the danger surrounding the family right now with Cyrus escalating the mob war, or it could be about Trina and Taggert. It’s also possible that the talk could be about Dev’s death, Jason and Sam’s split, or some other development connected to the family.

Whatever develops with this conversation, General Hospital spoilers seem to suggest that it’s going to grow in importance over the coming days. Carly will be increasingly concerned over the next week or two and viewers will be anxious for more information.

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