Geraldo Rivera Shocks Jeanine Pirro, Says Donald Trump Needs To Accept Defeat

In an interview on Friday, Fox News correspondent-at-large Geraldo Rivera argued that President Donald Trump needs to finally accept that the 2020 presidential election is over and Democrat Joe Biden won, Mediaite reported.

Speaking with host Jeanine Pirro, Rivera said that it is understandable Trump is contesting the results, given that Democrats have spent the past four years doing everything in their power to “undermine” his presidency.

He pointed to former special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian election interference as evidence that Trump had to endure unprecedented attacks from day one.

“I understand how angry he is about the way he was treated,” Rivera noted. “But I love the guy, and I just want him to recognize the reality that this is over,” he added.

“Are you kidding me?” Pirro responded, prompting Rivera to point out that Biden won millions more votes than his opponent, who has no path to victory.

“Do you really believe that?” Pirro asked, before slamming Georgia’s secretary of state and alleging that Democrats used the coronavirus pandemic as pretext to manipulate votes.

But Rivera did not back down. The reporter insisted that Trump has no legal basis to contest the results, suggesting that his lawyers have failed to provide evidence of widespread electoral fraud.

“But judge, what’s the case?” he asked Pirro.

“What’s the case that these facts are salient to? Where is the lawsuit filed? Which court is it? State court, federal court? What is the issue? Is it a constitutional issue? Is it a statutory issue?”

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld, who also participated in the discussion, interjected, slamming members of the press and predicting that there will be riots if the results are “overturned” and Trump is declared the winner.

Rivera dismissed Gutfeld’s suggestion.

“If the election of the president of the United States is ‘overturned’?! Please, Greg!” he hit back.

Earlier in the day, Rivera took to Twitter to weigh in on the situation. He slammed Trump’s political opponents and praised the commander-in-chief for his trade policies, but noted that it is “time to say adiós.”

Rivera also made an unconventional suggestion during an appearance on Fox & Friends. He argued that the first coronavirus vaccine that hits the market should be named after Trump, to lift his spirits and persuade him to concede.

But Trump has no intention of conceding, it seems. Several of the president’s closest allies and confidants recently told NBC News that he may accept defeat at some point, but stressed that he will never formally concede the race to Biden.

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