WWE News: Former Superstar Bashes Sami Zayn For Criticizing Donald Trump: ‘Were You Born Stupid?’

Sami Zayn has never shied away about being outspoken over his dislike of Donald Trump on social media, and he was one of several WWE stars to celebrate Joe Biden’s presidential election victory this weekend. However, his comments caught the attention of Val Venis, an Attitude Era superstar who’s best remembered for his adult movie star persona.

As documented by Sportskeeda, Zayn took to Twitter following the election result confirmation and accused Trump of stealing his wrestling gimmick.

Zayn also plays a “delusional, cowardly heel” on television and he claimed that the Republican candidate’s “arrogance, paranoia, victimhood and denial” was stolen from heel wrestlers such as himself.

Zayn capped off the tweet by claiming that Trump’s gimmick infringement “p***es [him] off.”

The joking around didn’t please Venis, however, who subsequently responded by asking the Intercontinental Champion if he was “born stupid” or if it was a “recent development.”

Venis didn’t mention his exact problem with Zayn’s post, but it may just have been a matter of the pair having opposing political views. As documented by Wrestling Inc, the veteran has been critical of the anti-Trump sentiments that are often expressed on social media.

Zayn’s friend, Kevin Owens, then weighed in on the matter, sarcastically tweeting that he always knew that his buddy would be “berated” by the Attitude Era wrestler over politics. Owens has also been known to oppose the soon-to-be-former president’s policies in the past.

Venis’ comment also attracted the attention of several wrestling fans, most of whom sided with Zayn. Even though he plays a heel on Friday Night SmackDown, he was the babyface in this exchange.

“Somehow I’m not surprised that Val Venis is a Trump supporter. Always changed the channel when his matches came on,” wrote one Twitter user.

“It was already clear Sami was 100 times the wrestler you were, turns out he’s 100 times the person you are as well,” tweeted a second fan.

Venis is no stranger to online arguments with wrestlers. Earlier this year, he attracted criticism after he lashed out at AEW’s Nyla Rose, a transgender wrestler, for being the company’s Women’s Champion at the time. As The Inquisitr reported, Cody Rhodes was one of Venis’ critics.

Venis was a member of the WWE roster from 1998 to 2009. During his tenure in the company, he won the Intercontinental, European and Tag Team Championships. In one of the most infamous storylines of the Attitude Era product, he had his private parts chopped off with a sword courtesy of Kai En Tai.

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