AEW News: Cody Rhodes Reacts To Val Venis’ Comments About Nyla Rose

In the days that followed Nyla Rose’s historic AEW Women’s World Championship victory, where she became the first transgender woman to win a championship in a major U.S. promotion, former WWE superstar Val Venis took to social media to criticize the company for allowing someone who was born male to win a female-only title. In a recent media call, AEW wrestler and executive Vice President Cody Rhodes shared his thoughts on these comments, stressing to reporters that he won’t be booking the squared circle veteran due to what he said in his recent posts.

As quoted by Wrestling Inc., Rhodes said that he’s disappointed about Venis’ remarks, adding that the former WWE Intercontinental Champion might not have meant the “terrible” things he said on Twitter and Facebook. After suggesting that Venis may have simply been trying to get booked by a top-tier promotion, Rhodes made it clear that AEW has no plans to hire him in any way, shape, or form. He also encouraged people to stop arguing with bigoted individuals if they want to encourage tolerance and do away with prejudice.

“I’m not giving Val Venis any oxygen when it comes to Nyla Rose. Nyla won the championship because she was the best woman at AEW and that’s just it. I think we should all just stop hitting the ball back to those people. It’s 2020 and everybody should love everybody in some capacity.”

Talking about Rose’s championship win on last Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite, Rhodes said that her victory over Riho was “maybe the best” match on what might have been the best episode of the weekly show the company has had all year. He also promised that the promotion will continue its commitment to making diversity a “huge part” of its brand.

In a separate report, Ringside News quoted a Twitter post from Venis, where the 48-year-old ex-WWE standout responded to Rhodes, explaining that he’s busy running his cannabis dispensary and serving his customers with the “very best” natural medicine. He teased that he will soon be posting a factual rebuttal to the AEW star’s comments, while also suggesting that Rhodes was delusional for reacting in such a way to his social media posts.

Prior to Rhodes’ remarks at this week’s media call, Rose did some clapping back of her own on Twitter. On Saturday night, she tweeted an edited image of an Xbox achievement, noting that she “made Val Venis relevant again” through her championship win and the comments that followed.