Donald Trump’s Niece Says He’s Likely In ‘Uncontrollable Rage’ Over Election Results

Donald Trump’s niece is speaking out against his unfounded claims of voter fraud, saying that her uncle is likely alone and desperate in an “uncontrollable rage” about results showing him losing the presidential race to Joe Biden.

As states continue to count votes and the Democratic candidate has pulled ahead in key areas, Trump has come under fire for making what critics call baseless claims that he is losing because of fraudulent votes. Mary Trump, the president’s niece who earlier this year published a tell-all book about the family’s history, appeared on MSNBC on Thursday to share her ideas about his mental state as the results roll in.

She claimed that the race has put him in an unusual position, with little hope and no one to save him.

“Donald has never been in this place before where there’s nobody to bail him out, there’s nobody to buy him out,” she said, via the Independent. “He’s desperate, he’s flailing, and there’s literally nothing he can do legitimately except to watch this play out helplessly.”

She called for someone to stop Trump from making the baseless allegations, saying that he has spiraled into a rage.

“Oh, he’s in an uncontrollable rage, I would imagine,” she said when asked about his current mood.

As The Inquisitr reported, some insiders say that Trump is growing angry at allies and members of his administration for failing to stand behind his unfounded claims and take action. A report from The Daily Beast claimed that he had grown angry with Attorney General William Barr for not using the Department of Justice to better help him. The report claimed that he has openly questioned why the department has not followed up, a stance that has been repeated by some of his allies. As Mediaite reported, Newt Gingrich appeared on Fox News to further the baseless allegations that Democrats are trying to steal the election, calling on the department to take action against poll workers in a series of Democratic-controlled cities.

Some close to the president have also called out Republicans who they believe have not sufficiently defended him and backed the allegations of a stolen election. As The Inquisitr reported, Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter to call out members of the party who had remained quiet, especially those who had their eyes on a presidential run in 2024. The president’s son called out these hopefuls for what he saw as a “total lack of action,” suggesting that they had given in to pressure from the media.

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