Donald Trump Will Not Concede Election Even If Joe Biden Declares Victory, Report Claims

Donald Trump will not concede the election even if Joe Biden reaches the 270 electoral vote threshold and declares victory, a new report claims.

CBS News reported on Thursday that Trump has no plans to concede a potential loss in the 2020 presidential race, even as remaining contests appeared tilted toward his opponent and his paths to victory grow increasingly narrow. After news outlets called key battleground states like Arizona, Michigan, and Wisconsin in his favor, Biden was steadily cutting into Trump's leads in Georgia and Pennsylvania throughout the day while growing his small lead in Nevada. Any combination of those states could put him over the top, though Trump had repeatedly claimed that he won the race and was the victim of massive fraud, claims reportedly without any evidence.

He came under fire for those claims, with many calling the rhetoric dangerous and Twitter placing warnings on several of his controversial statements.

There had already been speculation that Trump would not concede if he lost, which USA Today noted is something that no modern president has done. The report pointed out that Democratic candidate Al Gore retracted his concession in 2000 when the vote began tightening in Florida, but he ultimately did so after it was decided weeks later.

USA Today added that concessions are a formality, not a legal requirement and the lack of one would have no bearing on the actual outcome. But it added that Trump doing so could lead to more uncertainty and potentially open the door for actions to undermine the process.

"Without a concession, usually hidden parts of the election process – such as the inner workings of the Electoral College – could be ripped open and used to decide the election in an unprecedented way. It would mean a race could be headed for a result decided by the courts or by obscure parts of the law," the report noted.

While Trump has maintained that he won, Biden has been more careful in statements, and on Thursday said he believed that he would emerge victorious once all the votes were counted. He urged Americans to have patience and allow the process to play out.

As The Inquisitr reported, there is speculation that Trump could return for another run at the White House in 2024 should he lose this year, though Trump himself said several times during the campaign that he would fade away from the public spotlight should he lose his bid at remaining in office.