Donald Trump Will Resign Out Of Embarrassment After Losing Last States, Journalist Says

Journalist JT Terán on Thursday speculated about one scenario that could result from the 2020 presidential election, which has yet to be called for Donald Trump or Joe Biden.

"I have this weird theory that I've been thinking about that when he loses all four of these last states, Trump is just gonna lose it, be too embarrassed, and resign," he tweeted.

"[Mike] Pence then takes the oath and becomes a lame duck for a month and a half," he added.

Although similar theories have been floated before, not everyone agreed.

"No way he gives Pence that satisfaction unless he's getting a pardon in return. He absolutely hates Pence and not like he does anything anyway," one user tweeted in response.

As The Inquisitr reported, New York Times best-selling author Thom Hartmann predicted last week that Trump would resign one week before the purported inauguration of Biden. The progressive radio personality claimed that this would allow Pence to pardon the head of state and his children, and give him the opportunity to miss the Democrat's swearing-in and leave the country.

Another possibility is that Trump wins the election but still chooses to resign. As reported by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, U.S. political expert Dr. Emma Shortis referred to former President Richard Nixon's resignation and suggested the U.S. leader could hand over power to Pence after winning.

"We've seen that happen in recent US history, when Richard Nixon resigned. Assuming Donald Trump has won clearly, Mike Pence can become president and serve out the rest of the term if Trump resigns."

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump points to the crowd as he delivers a speech during the evening session on the fourth day of the Republican National Convention on July 21, 2016 at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.
Getty Images | Joe Raedle

Although Trump declared early victory, the results are still up in the air. As of Thursday evening, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Nevada were still counting their votes. Per the Associated Press, the commander in chief is slightly ahead in Georgia and Pennsylvania, while his opponent is ahead in Nevada. While Arizona has been called for Biden by Associated Press and Fox News — which caused turmoil between the Trump campaign and the latter — Trump and his allies appear to have hope that the head of state could still pull off a victory in the region.

Despite speculation about resignation, Trump doesn't appear ready to give up. As reported by NBC News, the head of state's campaign is preparing for a legal battle over the results. Although Trump's path to victory continues to narrow, his staff is reportedly pushing him to continue fighting and focus on allegations of voting irregularities.

Campaign adviser Jason Miller said that the president's legal team is working to ensure that "all legally cast ballots are counted."

"We also want to make sure that illegally cast ballots are not counted," he added.