‘General Hospital’ Friday Spoilers: Taggert Gets Careless And Julian Now Knows His Secret

General Hospital fans already knew Taggert was alive and well a few weeks ago, but Jordan Ashford was the only one in Port Charles who knew that secret. However, there is now someone else who will discover he is not dead and that could be a dangerous thing.

At the end of Thursday’s show, viewers saw Julian Jerome rip the mask off of Taggert’s face after a little brawl. He had every right to get involved with this stranger who was disguised as Darth Vader. Trina had left her phone sitting at the bar and Julian noticed this person had grabbed it. He stepped in thinking he was protecting the teen from a possible bad guy. Little did he know he would find a familiar face underneath the mask.

Taggert is, obviously, concerned about his daughter, especially since spoilers from Soap Central teased she is not giving up trying to clear her dad’s name.

Trina had no idea it was her dad disguised as Darth Vader, as she still thinks he is dead. She was dressed up for Halloween as Princess Leia and proceeded to interact with him at Charlie’s Pub.

Once she and her friends left, Julian began getting suspicious of the man who was staring at Trina’s phone.

In the previews for Friday’s episode, Julian stares at the familiar face standing in front of him as he says to Taggert, “I know you.” How will this affect Taggert’s secret?

This is the second time he has been careless and both times it involved Julian. The first time was when Taggert was shot by his gun as he was trying to protect Nelle from being killed by him on the docks — and that is exactly where Julian recognizes him from.

Julian could blow Taggert’s cover right out of the water. However, Taggert knows Julian was about to kill Nelle that day and that would lead to his involvement with Wiley’s kidnapping.

It seems likely these two will come to an understanding, especially if Julian knows Taggert is only trying to make sure his daughter is protected from Cyrus.

It’s possible the character of Julian, played by actor William deVry, may not be around Port Charles much longer. There seems to be cuts being made and a cast shake-up is happening. DeVry is rumored to be out at General Hospital, however, he hasn’t confirmed one way or the other, according to a previous report by The Inquisitr, and is being a bit coy about the whole thing for now.

In the coming days, his character will continue keeping secrets to make sure he stays alive and well himself.

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