William deVry Plays Coy Amid ‘General Hospital’ Rumors Regarding His Supposed Departure

General Hospital rumors are indicating that actor William deVry will soon be leaving his role as Julian Jerome. This information has yet to be confirmed by the show, network, or actors involved. However, deVry’s recent Twitter activity doesn’t do much to quell the fears that fans may have about the situation.

It was stunning news to General Hospital fans earlier this week to hear that both deVry and fellow cast member Emme Rylan had supposedly been let go. The Rylan news was certainly a shocker. However, there had been some rumors swirling over the past few weeks regarding deVry.

In his recent Twitter activity, deVry responded to some posts from fans referencing his supposed exit. He hasn’t confirmed or denied it, but has been sweetly thanking everybody for their notes.

If deVry were not on the verge of leaving General Hospital, it seems likely he would simply say so. This type of buzz has swirled about him before, and he usually shut it down pretty quickly.

In response to one tweet from a General Hospital fan on Wednesday evening, he just tweeted that it was “cheeky.” The initial post was from someone who had met him at an event and noted she was sad to see him go. She suggested that the decision to fire him was horrible, and one of the photos she uploaded featured her smiling and gesturing toward his bum.

This response prompted a long string of similar Twitter replies from others. He replied to a couple of additional posts, thanking everybody and noting that what they said was sweet. Quite a few people also posted photos they’d taken with deVry at various General Hospital fan events.

On Wednesday afternoon, he stirred up a lot of buzz with a post that also seemed rather telling.

“What should today’s song of the day be? Don’t Fear ‘The Reaper’??” deVry teased while adding several silly emoji to his tweet.

Some followers could perhaps interpret that as a Halloween-related reference, as his character of Julian will be front-and-center during the General Hospital holiday drama this week. However, it seemed that his followers mostly took it as another reference to the possibility he might be departing.

“Would that happen to be a play on words as rumors going around about you and other cast members being cut?” one tweet detailed.

Another note from a viewer praising the pairing of Julian and Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn), received a “xo” kiss reply from deVry.

“I’m still a Julexis fan. You two, first of all, are great actors. In addition, your chemistry is off the charts,” the supporter tweeted.

If deVry is leaving General Hospital, Julian’s departure will probably happen during the November sweeps period.

Fellow cast member Kelly Monaco cautioned her Instagram followers about changes on the way and asked people to be kind. There seem to be a number of hints signaling bad news for General Hospital viewers, and everybody will be anxious to get details about what’s happening.

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