Kelly Monaco Ominously Warns ‘General Hospital’ Fans Of Changes On The Way & Pleads With Fans To Be Kind

General Hospital star Kelly Monaco took to Instagram Wednesday, October 28, to share a caution with show fans. This was the first time she posted to her page in months, and her caption likely rattled some anxious viewers.

The photo Kelly shared was a selfie and, in her caption, she noted she was in her dressing room. It looked like she was on a couch with her head resting on a black leather jacket. She had a bandana around her neck, which she had likely been using as a face mask amid the ongoing coronavirus precautions on the set.

Kelly wrote she was resting and exhausted, and she acknowledged it was quite obvious how tired she looked. The actress also noted it had been a very long time since she had posted anything on the social media site. It appeared her last post before this one was uploaded more than six months ago.

Unfortunately, it seemed Kelly’s decision to post something now came as a caution for General Hospital fans. She said there were a lot of changes happening with the soap opera and pleaded with everybody to be kind in response to it all.

This plea almost certainly came in response to the rumors that emerged earlier this week about cast cuts. Both Emme Rylan and William deVry have reportedly been let go and insiders suggested additional departures were on the horizon.

Neither Rylan nor deVry have expressly confirmed these rumors. However, Rylan did share a photo on her Instagram page that seemed to suggest her departure was coming.

Who else will end up on the soap’s chopping block?

Kelly’s note asking fans not to be bullies or express any hate toward anybody does sound rather ominous.

The star’s ongoing social media absence was in large part due to all of the drama that came with Steve Burton’s return and, eventually, Billy Miller’s departure. For Kelly to return now and specifically ask people to be kind did leave some of her followers feeling anxious.

“Yikes! As long as you & Steve stay I can power through it…I don’t want to lose anymore vets though,” one person commented.

“Omg please tell me ur not leaving,” another wrote.

“Why I feel she will be leaving soon sad,” someone else noted.

“So sad about the changes. I’m glad you posted. Hope you keep posting,” a fan added.

A lot of the commenters raved about how gorgeous Kelly looked. Quite a few also told her they were thrilled she had shared something again after such a long absence.

What other changes are coming that prompted Kelly to share this? General Hospital viewers are a bit on edge about all of this and will be looking to learn more in the days ahead.

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