Monday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Dante Rattles Maxie & Lulu Leans On Kevin

Stacy Carey

Spoilers for Monday's episode of General Hospital tease that both Dante and Lulu will be having some potentially serious conversations. Dante's back in Port Charles and he believes he's on a mission for the WSB to investigate Peter. His return already rattled his ex-wife Lulu and now it seems it's Maxie's turn.

According to teasers from SheKnows Soaps, Maxie will be feeling defensive during the episode airing on October 26. Based on the sneak peek that aired at the end of Friday's show, it seems likely that this defensiveness comes as a result of a talk with Dante.

He has never been a fan of Peter's. He has been connected to Maxie for some time, both due to her friendship with Lulu and because she had been married to his former partner Nathan. While Maxie has moved on and let go of Peter's connection to Nathan's death, Dante probably hasn't. Even without the mission that he believes he's pursuing, he'll probably be upset to learn of the latest developments in Maxie and Peter's relationship.

Nobody in Port Charles except Dante knows about this mission to investigate Peter. Because he thinks that this is coming from the WSB, he'll surely throw himself entirely into this. As General Hospital viewers know, however, it's really Liesl who is pulling the strings on this as she aims to destroy her long-time adversary.

The General Hospital preview shows that Dante will tell Maxie that he thinks she's making a big mistake. This probably comes from his learning about the engagement, upcoming wedding, and pregnancy involving her and Peter. It will come as no shocker that this criticism will irritate Maxie and push her to defend her fiance.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, spoilers detail that Lulu will pay Kevin a visit. Her mother, Laura, remains out of town for now, so it seems she may lean on Kevin for some advice.

Will Lulu open up to Kevin about her complicated feelings regarding Dante's return and her romance with Dustin? That seems likely, and Kevin will apparently pick up on some reservations she's navigating.

Kevin will voice doubt that whatever Lulu thinks she should do is what she feels she wants to do. Dustin offered to let go and walk away after learning about Dante's return, but Lulu insisted that wasn't what she wanted. Will she come to realize she's not so certain about that after all?

General Hospital fans have been waiting a very long time to see Maxie realize the truth about Peter. Now she's digging in even harder when it comes to defending her fiance. Unfortunately, that surely means the heartbreak will be all the more intense once she finally comes to grips with the reality of Peter's evil side.

It may take a while for that to happen, but now, Peter's facing more challenges than he currently realizes. He's not only trying to stay a step ahead of Jason, Robert, and Spinelli, but he unknowingly has Dante and Liesl coming after him as well. General Hospital spoilers suggest that this situation will get quite intense over the coming weeks. Everybody will be anxiously waiting to see Peter's eventual fall from grace.