Weekly ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Lulu Continues To Be Conflicted Between The Two Men In Her Life

Lulu Falconeri was completely shocked last week on General Hospital when her ex-husband, Dante, showed up at her door. He came all the way from Geneva, Switzerland where he was being treated for PTSD. Now that he is back, the woman he has loved for years will have some decisions to make. According to spoilers from Soap Central, she will feel torn and conflicted on what to do and how to feel about the situation that she finds herself in.

Lulu has been involved with schoolteacher Dustin Phillips for a while now. On the same day that she asked Dustin to move in with her, Dante came knocking on her door, and now she is confused. Those old feelings came back, but things just aren’t the same as they were when he left her. Lulu has two great men in love with her and she also loves both men in a different way. How will she handle it?

Dante still isn’t in the place that he wants to be. No one in Port Charles knows that he is on a mission to gather info on Peter August and take him down if necessary. Also, no one is aware that Liesl Obrecht is pulling all the strings when it comes to Dante.

Despite Lulu’s complete shock at seeing her ex back in town, Sonny and Olivia are thrilled to have their son home. He came at just the right time for both of them as they are going through some rough patches.

General Hospital fans will soon be seeing Dante investigating Peter. He will focus his sights on Maxie’s fiancé, who also happens to be Lulu’s boss, and that should lead to much more drama. He may be the one who exposes Peter and there could very well be a showdown between the two men.

As The Inquisitr previously detailed, Dante rattled Lulu a few days ago. She obviously had no idea that he was even close to being released. She told him that if she would have known that he would be home this quickly, she would have waited for him. Now she is involved with someone else and that makes things much more complicated.

This situation also involves the kids, Rocco and Charlotte. Rocco will be thrilled when he finds out his dad is back. However, he also loves Dustin. That will make it even harder on Lulu. It’s not known how long it will be before she figures out what to do, but this whole thing may just lead Dustin back to Brook Lynn, as General Hospital fans are eager to see Dante and Lulu get back together.

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