Monday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Lulu Has Questions For Dante

General Hospital spoilers for the episode airing on Monday tease that Lulu and Dante will have a very difficult discussion. There are developments with several other storylines coming during the October 12 show, but everybody will be anxiously waiting to see what happens next with this estranged couple.

According to General Hospital teasers from SheKnows Soaps, Monday’s episode brings drama with Britt and hesitation with Elizabeth. Gladys will continue to shake things up with her return to Port Charles, and Ava will have a tough time. In addition, Dante will have what could be a tough question for Lulu.

Right at the end of Friday’s General Hospital show, Lulu discovered that her now ex-husband was back in Port Charles. The sneak peek for the next episode showed that they’ll try to feel one another out in terms of how to handle this surprise.

As everybody saw on Friday, Lulu and her current beau Dustin shared some major relationship moments together. She told him she loved him and asked him to move in with her. They talked a little bit about Dante, and Lulu promised Dustin she was all-in with him.

Little did she know that her ex was back in Port Charles. At the very end of Friday’s General Hospital show, she hurriedly got dressed to answer the door and she was stunned to see Dante on the other side.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Lulu will invite Dante into the apartment, although she seemingly doesn’t welcome him home with open arms. The sneak peek reveals that he’ll ask if she wishes he hadn’t come back. Right now, that’s a very loaded question and she may try to skate around mentioning Dustin at this point.

Could Dustin end up walking out and seeing the two together? That would certainly be a soapy development and would make for an awkward situation. Unfortunately, the available teasers don’t reveal anything further on this front.

Dante may be back in town, but viewers know he is nowhere near healthy enough to cope with regular life again. He thinks he’s back working an assignment for the WSB, but it’s really Obrecht who’s pulling the strings.

The buzz is that Dante is now back for the long term, and that surely means drama for Lulu. Will she stick with the future she is building with Dustin or find it impossible to resist the love and history she’s shared with Dante? General Hospital spoilers hint that this could be a complicated love triangle in the weeks ahead, and fans are ready to watch it play out.

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