Friday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Lulu & Dustin Take The Next Step Just As Dante Rolls Into Town

Thursday’s episode of General Hospital ended with a bang. Many fans were hoping that Dante Falconeri would show up just in time for Mike’s funeral service. While he didn’t quite make it for the actual memorial, he did arrive to bring a little comfort to his grieving dad.

Viewers got quite a surprise a few days ago when it was revealed that Liesl Obrecht was the one behind Dante’s assignment back to Port Charles to nab Peter for framing her for Drew’s murder. It was expected that he would end up being there for Sonny just when he needed him the most, but not while he was doing Obrecht’s bidding. However, Sonny was obviously thrilled to see him.

The previews for Friday’s General Hospital featured him telling Dante that he was right on time. As much as Sonny will be welcoming his eldest son back with open arms, there is someone else who may not be quite so receptive. Dante’s ex-wife, Lulu, will be asking her current beau, Dustin, if he wants to move in with her and Rocco, as indicated by SheKnows Soaps. She does this just as Dante returns.

That is sure to cause plenty of drama. This love triangle is expected to put Lulu into a quandary between the man that she has slowly fallen for and her ex-husband that she has not quite gotten over yet.

There hasn’t been any indication on when Lulu will discover he is back home, but it’s likely that it won’t be too long before she either bumps into him or she hears it from someone else. Dante’s mother, Olivia, will be completely shocked he decided to leave the facility in Geneva, Switzerland, and return to Port Charles. She was just there begging him to see her, but he refused to even open the door.

As previously teased by The Inquisitr, on Thursday, Mike’s funeral brought out many of his loved ones saying goodbye, but Dante was missing from the service. General Hospital fans loved it when he showed up at the perfect moment. It was obvious by the look on Sonny’s face that he needed his son by his side as he grieved his loss.

Olivia had mentioned during the service how Dante and his grandfather had grown close before he left town. She also reminisced on the time when Dante stayed with Mike in his cell after he got arrested for the Avery incident.

He will be sad he didn’t get the chance to say goodbye to his grandfather. However, he is on a mission by Obrecht to implicate Peter and Anna. It could also mean killing Peter if it comes to that.

Before that happens, he will likely want to see what the woman he loves has been up to since he left. She has moved on from Dante, but that doesn’t mean her heart has.

General Hospital viewers will get the chance to see their reunion very soon.

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