WWE Rumors: New Reports Hint At Possible Reasons Behind Seth Rollins And Matt Riddle’s Backstage Feud

Seth Rollins enters the ring ahead of his match against Drew McIntyre

Earlier in the week, Seth Rollins appeared on the Friday Night SmackDown watch-along show, revealing that he has “no interest” in ever facing Matt Riddle in the ring. While he did not go into detail about why he seemingly has a real-life beef with the former UFC fighter, subsequent reports have provided more information on the matter.

According to WrestlingNews.co, it’s possible that Rollins took offense to an Instagram post that was uploaded by Riddle’s wife, Lisa, in November of 2019. It was eventually deleted. As seen in a screenshot of the post that the publication shared via Twitter on Saturday, the update featured a video of Rollins’ fiancee, Becky Lynch, along with a lengthy caption where Lisa called out “multiple” women from WWE’s main roster.

She suggested that their figures don’t look flattering in their ring gear because they don’t include squats in their fitness routines.

“It’s funny because there have been multiple female wrestlers that have asked to train with me. Each one of them look great in their gear. Clearly they know what they are doing (especially if they want to train with yours truly ). ALL females freaking SQUAT and go HARD!”

Although it wasn’t shown on the screen capture, Lisa also explained in her caption that she was sharing a photo of herself “not caring” how she looks, in order to prove how her rear end looks better than those of female wrestlers such as Lynch.

Readers can view the screenshot of Lisa Riddle’s post here.

Matt Riddle (R) punches The Miz (L) during a tag team match on Friday Night SmackDown.

In addition, one fan took to Twitter to share their first-hand experience of the time they spent with Matt Riddle shortly after last year’s Survivor Series, which was held on November 24. The fan tweeted that “The King of Bros” “talked sh*t” about Rollins throughout that weekend, complaining that the former world champion never grew as a performer and had a tendency to accidentally injure his opponents.

They stressed that Riddle made it a point to talk negatively about Rollins, as well as other wrestlers he didn’t hold in high regard, whenever they would have a conversation.

“If we weren’t chatting wrestling, he was either bashing others or boasting about himself, often both at the same time,” they added.

You can view the fan’s complete Twitter thread here.

Rollins is far from the only big-name wrestler who apparently has legitimate issues with Riddle. The former NXT superstar has had notable social media spats with Chris Jericho, Booker T, and Goldberg, going as far as to make disparaging comments about the latter’s in-ring skills, as previously noted by The Inquisitr.

Additionally, he was reportedly involved in a backstage altercation with Brock Lesnar at this year’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view.