Joe Biden Might Not Accept Defeat Peacefully If He Loses In November, Columnist Says

Joe Biden looks on during an event.
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Speculation has continued to swirl around the possibility that Donald Trump will refuse to leave office if he loses in November, and the president himself has refused to commit to handing over power peacefully. In a recent op-ed for Breitbart, one of the publication’s editors, Joel B. Pollak, suggested that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his party might not accept an electoral loss.

“But the real question ought to be whether Joe Biden, the Democrats, and the media would accept a Trump victory,” he wrote. “They rejected it last time, and spent the last four years spinning bizarre conspiracy theories about Russian ‘collusion.'”

Pollak later pointed to The New York Times‘ reporting in August that suggested Democrats were planning for the chance of a close election and plotting out possible scenarios. In one scenario, former Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta played the role of Biden and refused to admit to an electoral defeat. From there, Oregon, California, and Washington threatened to secede from the United States if Trump took office, and the military intervened.

Afterward, Pollak highlighted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent threat to impeach Trump and her announcement of a new bill that would create a 25th Amendment commission that would determine the president’s fitness to run the country.

The columnist concluded his piece by again warning that Biden and his allies will not go peacefully if they lose in November.

“That is not the behavior of a candidate, or a campaign, that will admit defeat if and when it loses. Clinton herself said in August that Biden should not concede the election ‘under any circumstances.’ The left has already recruited former military leaders to the anti-Trump cause, amid talk of using troops to march him out of the White House.”

Joe Biden gestures during a campaign stop in Pennsylvania.
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As The Inquisitr reported, Trump recently doubled down on his promise to refuse a peaceful transfer of power if Biden takes the Oval Office in November. Although the Republican Party claimed it was committed to a standard process of transferring power after the president’s initial comment, Trump spoke to reporters not long after and warned about the purported fraud that affects mail-in ballots. According to the head of state, the forthcoming election must be conducted honestly, which he claimed might not be possible with the use of unsolicited ballots.

Trump has made similar comments since 2016 and frequently made jokes about staying in the White House indefinitely — much to the dismay of his Democratic opponents.