William Barr Is Planning A New Way To Help Donald Trump ‘Steal The Presidential Election,’ Columnist Says

William Barr testifies at his confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee
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In a Thursday piece for Salon, columnist Amanda Marcotte argued that Attorney General William Barr is actively planning new ways to help Donald Trump “steal” the forthcoming election.

In particular, the writer pointed to reports that Barr is pressuring federal prosecutors to consider charges of sedition against individuals who have committed violent crimes at the recent civil rights protests. According to FindLaw, sedition is the act of inciting violence or revolt “against a lawful authority with the goal of destroying or overthrowing it.”

“Although the vast majority of those protests were peaceful, there were a few incidents of violence and looting, though absolutely no evidence of plots to overthrow the U.S. government (which is what ‘sedition’ means),” the columnist wrote.

“Barr’s eagerness to overreact, however, is another alarming sign that he is exploring ways to assist Trump’s public and obvious plans to do whatever he can to steal the presidential election.”

According to Marcotte, Barr’s alleged push for the new charges is part of Trump’s plan to declare victory on election night if swing state votes are close. From here, the columnist predicted a “massive battle” that will include pro-democracy protesters taking to the streets to push for a full count of the votes.

“It’s increasingly clear that putting down those anticipated protesters and stopping the vote count is a priority for Trump and his allies.”

Marcotte also expressed concern with other Trump allies and their purported plans to help Trump steal the election. In particular, she highlighted recently pardoned GOP operative Roger Stone’s suggestion that Trump use the Insurrection Act or declare martial law to retain his grip on power.

U.S. Attorney General nominee William Barr (C) is sworn in prior to testifying at his confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee January 15, 2019 in Washington, DC.
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As The Inquisitr reported, multiple sources have expressed concern over Barr’s purported plan to weaponize the Department of Justice to help Trump in November. Former Justice Department employee Gerry Heber noted Barr’s support of the president’s claims about the security issues with vote-by-mail and accused the president’s ally of failing the protect voting rights amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition, Justin Levitt, a former DOJ prosecutor, noted Barr’s misrepresentation of the Mueller report and suggested that he cannot be trusted as an unbiased operator.

According to Vanity Fair, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is working with lawyers to prepare for a battle against Trump come Election Day. The publication claimed that Biden is working with an army of attorneys as well as one former attorney general and two former solicitors general. The team is allegedly focusing on combating Trump’s purported plans to steal the vote both before and after Americans head to the ballot box.