AEW News: Update On Matt Hardy’s Condition Following Botched Bump At ‘All Out’

Matt Hardy appears on WWE television

As documented by, Matt Hardy took a dangerous fall in his match with Sammy Guevara at AEW’s All Out pay-per-view. Some fans and pundits criticized the company for allowing the bout to continue after the incident, but Tony Khan has revealed that they were given the go-ahead to do so.

“When the doctor checked him, he passed him and cleared him on the concussion protocol. He checked with Matt and then Matt came back after and passed the concussion protocol and he’s doing okay. I spoke with him after the match and talked to him again just now. He went as a precaution to the hospital to get some tests and check out that he’s okay.”

The bump saw Hardy fall from a raised scissor lift and smash through a table below. However, his head missed the table and hit the concrete. For a few minutes after the bump, he appeared to be genuinely hurt.

The fight was subsequently restarted and ended with Guevara falling from scaffolding. Later in the show, the commentators provided an update on Hardy’s condition and said he was fine. Khan’s words backed up those claims.

Khan went on to reveal that the company’s doctor is strict when it comes to letting performers compete whenever there are concerns about their health. He also stated that Hardy wanted to see the bout through to the end. However, the star wouldn’t have been allowed to overrule the doctor’s decision to withdraw him from the fight if he was legitimately injured.

The company president did say that everyone backstage was worried after the initial bump, and assured fans that he’d never go against a medical decision for the sake of finishing a segment. He was the one who stopped the fight and sent in the medical professional in the first place.

In a separate report, it was noted that Tony Schiavone also revealed that Hardy wasn’t seriously injured. He confirmed that the veteran was sent to a hospital and the appropriate tests were carried out.

This isn’t the first time Hardy and Guevara’s feud has led to a health scare for the former. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the young star hit Hardy with a chair and busted him open on a recent episode of Dynamite. Guevara supposedly had some backstage heat afterward.

Their angle has involved a couple of botched segments, though last night’s wasn’t as bad as it could have been.