AEW Rumors: Young Star Reportedly Gets Backstage Heat For Botched ‘Dynamite’ Segment

According to recent reports, there appears to be some backstage heat on AEW wrestler Sammy Guevara following a botched spot on Wednesday night’s episode of Dynamite.

As reported by Wrestling Inc. on Thursday, Bryan Alvarez provided further details on the ill-fated Dynamite spot on that day’s edition of Wrestling Observer Live. During the segment, Guevara was supposed to grab a folding chair and throw it at Hardy, who would then raise his arms to shield himself from the foreign object. However, the young grappler was allegedly caught up “in the heat of the moment” as he wasn’t able to find the folding chair. He apparently panicked as he grabbed a heavier chair nearby and threw it at his veteran rival, busting him open in the process.

Due to the aforementioned botch, Hardy required 13 stitches to close his forehead wound. As for Guevara, several unnamed people in AEW were reportedly unhappy with the 27-year-old for accidentally injuring his onscreen foe. Alvarez also pointed out that the Inner Circle member was given a “very stern talking-to” when he returned backstage following the attack.

You can watch footage of the segment below. Be warned that some scenes may be considered disturbing to some viewers.

In addition, Wrestling Inc. shared several social media posts from Hardy and his wife Reby, who both took to Twitter to express their anger over what happened. While it wasn’t clear whether Hardy was posting in character, he referred to Guevara as a “cocky, weird, reckless little piece of sh*t” when replying to a fan who called out the youngster for his carelessness. Later on, he tweeted a clip of the on-air attack, commenting that Guevara’s actions were “infuriating.”

Meanwhile, Reby Hardy called Guevara a “f*ckin dumba**” in a tweet she posted on Wednesday night, shortly after the attack was aired on Dynamite. She also shared a video on Instagram on Thursday night that showed her removing her husband’s stitches, noting that what she was doing represented “everything” that was “wrong” with the clip.

Although Guevara has been described by publications such as Bleacher Report as a potential breakout star in the making, this isn’t the first time in recent months that he’s been at the center of controversy. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, he was suspended without pay toward the end of June after a video from a 2016 interview showed him making an inappropriate joke about WWE superstar Sasha Banks. Guevara apologized for his previous comments soon after the clip was unearthed and was later forced to undergo sensitivity training as a further disciplinary measure.