Jessa Duggar Shares Adorable Video Of Daughter Ivy Reading Her New Book, Saying 'Peek-A-Boo'

Jessa Duggar shared another adorable video clip of her 1-year-old daughter, Ivy Jane Seewald. She is learning quickly, and the Counting On star has been documenting various things that her little girl has accomplished so far. She is learning new words and loves to practice them. One of the newest things she says is "peek-a-boo" as she looks through her book.

As seen in Jessa's recent Instagram share, Ivy was sitting on the sofa in the Seewald's living room with a book in hand, ready to look through it. The mom of three indicated that the reading material was a gift from her in-laws. She thanked them for it in her caption, saying how much Ivy loves it. She also revealed that the Duggar granddaughter says "peek-a-boo, I see you" every time she turns the page.

Jessa confirmed the cuteness as she filmed her third-born saying the phrase in her own unique way. Her little baby voice was adorable, as her mom was heard prompting her to say it. She also imitated a dog's bark while pointing to a bunny rabbit on one of the pages.

Ivy wore a blue denim sundress that featured a cute red and white bow that was attached to one side of the dresses' shoulder strap. Her curly hair and huge eyes took center stage as well. Duggar fans couldn't get enough of watching her.

They also couldn't help but notice Ivy's big brother, Spurgeon, in the background. He had a big steel mixing bowl sitting on the floor in the living room and was doing his best to balance in it. He put both feet inside the bowl and attempted to keep his balance. He fell a few times as it wobbled and tipped him over. Jessa's followers noticed the 4-year-old and thought it was quite funny.

"With Spurgeon in the background standing in a bowl. Classic," observed a fan.

"Meanwhile Spurgeon is practicing his balancing skills in a bowl," another follower said.

"I love Spurgeon trying to balance in the background," someone else added.

A week ago, Jessa shared another sweet video of all three of her kids. Spurgeon and Henry, 3, were looking over some picture books, while Ivy was chatting up a storm. The reality star revealed that she is learning new words almost every day and she loves to practice them often. Her photos and videos are well-loved by her followers.