Jessa Duggar Shares Sweet Video Of Her Kids On Instagram, Reveals How Much Ivy Jane Is Talking

Jessa Duggar loves showing off her three kids, Spurgeon, 4, Henry, 3, and Ivy Jane, 14 months. Her Instagram is filled with photos and videos of them and their cuteness. On Sunday, the Counting On star shared yet another sweet clip with her 2.2 million followers, this time showing her little girl joining her older brothers for some quiet time.

The famous conservative mom decided to grab her camera to capture her children spending some time together on what appeared to be a lazy Sunday afternoon in the Seewald house. All three of them were sitting on Ben and Jessa’s bed and looking at picture books. Spurgeon had one in his lap and Henry held onto the second book. They were both full of family photos. The eldest Seewald boy sat next to his younger brother and helped him identify things in the pictures.

Ivy Jane was just happy entertaining herself on the bed by saying a few words and looking to her mom for approval. The Duggar granddaughter said the words “mommy” and “cheese” and tried to say “uncle Jase” as well. In the video, she was smiling, giggling and filled with excitement as she watched her siblings looking at the snapshots. There were pics of Jessa’s siblings, as well as her kids. The TLC star was behind the camera and talked to her little girl as she was filming.

Jessa said in the post that her daughter is learning new words or phrases pretty much every day. She indicated how much she loves watching her trio growing and learning new things.

Ivy Jane wore a cute pink printed top with white shorts. She was barefoot just like her brothers. Henry had on a purple t-shirt and sported his brand new haircut. Spurgeon wore a dark red shirt with his mop of curls front and center. The boys seemed to be glued to the books.

Jessa’s followers couldn’t get enough of Ivy Jane’s huge eyes and giggles. There were plenty of heart and hug emojis, as well as comments.

“Ivy is the cutest and smartest baby I think I’ve ever seen,” said one Duggar fan.

“I love Ivy’s chunky legs so adorable,” someone else remarked.

“Like a living doll that talks! I can’t take it!!!,” gushed a third admirer.

The Seewald family seems to love going back through those snaps often. Just last week, Ben had shared an Instagram post showing him with Ivy Jane in his lap and they were both looking at what appeared to be the same one that Spurgeon was gazing at. He mentioned that this is one of their favorite things to do.

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