Monday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Maxie Seems Ready To Share Her Big News With Peter

Viewers have plenty of great drama to look forward to with Monday's episode of General Hospital. Spoilers hint that Maxie Jones may decide she is ready to tell Peter August her big news, despite having had some serious reservations earlier.

Right before ABC had to shift into all reruns of General Hospital in May, fans saw that Maxie realized she was probably pregnant. Since then, she talked with her bestie, Lulu, and admitted that she was worried about how all of this would go.

For one thing, Maxie worried about having another baby right as she's embarking on a major development in her career. She is working with Lucy on relaunching Deception, so the timing of this surprise pregnancy isn't necessarily ideal.

General Hospital teasers also suggest that Maxie will worry about how Peter will handle this. On the one hand, he will probably be excited about having a child with the love of his life. However, he knows he's hiding major secrets from her, and he probably will have some major concerns to work through knowing he is Faison's son, and thus his child will share some of that evil DNA.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Maxie will be changing her mind about something during the General Hospital episode airing on Monday, August 17.

'General Hospital' features Kirsten Storms as Maxie
ABC | Craig Sjodin

The General Hospital sneak peek that aired at the end of Friday's episode gave viewers a hint of what's to come. Maxie will look at Peter and tell him she has something to share with him. Will this be her telling him about the pregnancy? It seems likely.

During the show airing next Wednesday, General Hospital teasers indicate that Maxie will make a shocking announcement of some sort. This sounds like it may well mean that she will be telling others about her baby news, but viewers will have to wait and see whether this is with her family, her Deception crew, or someone else.

Ultimately, it seems that this pregnancy is going to set Maxie up for an even more heartbreaking fall at some point. She's bound to learn of Peter's misdeeds at some point, and it's hard to imagine a scenario where she can just dismiss what he's done. Now, there's a baby involved and the stakes are higher than ever.

General Hospital spoilers hint that all of this will generate a lot of drama during the coming week and for many months ahead. Will Maxie tell Peter her big news, or will she continue to hold back for a while longer? It looks like some answers will come on Monday, and fans are eager to see more.