'General Hospital' Fans Have A Lot To Say About Maxie's Pregnancy

Maxie just confirmed her suspicions on General Hospital on Friday that she is indeed expecting another baby. Recently she had been experiencing dizziness and nausea, in addition to her period being very late. She headed to GH to get a blood test to make sure. This has given her lots to consider.

Lulu was with her BFF when she found out about the new baby. She was very surprised, but she encouraged her bestie to tell her why she was not all that happy about it. It turned out that Maxie was considering her career at Deception, which has really taken off lately. There is a spoiler by Soap Central for the week of August 17 that indicates that Maxie will be sharing some unexpected news, but it doesn't say who she shares it with.

The expectant mom almost talked like she was keeping her options opened right now, but this spoiler sounds like she will be announcing the good news. Another possibility is that she may announce that she doesn't want to keep her child.

Peter, of course, would be ecstatic to find out that he is going to be a first-time dad. Anna would also love the idea of becoming a grandmother as well. However, General Hospital fans on social media have clearly expressed their feelings on this pregnancy.

"Maxie possibly being pregnant with Peter's baby really bugs me," one fan said.

"Who asked for Maxie to get pregnant with Peter's kid? Absolutely no one," replied a second fan.

Mr. August is one character that is not so much a fan-favorite on General Hospital, and the thought of his girlfriend having his kid has gotten viewers all up in arms. Robert Scorpio and Damian Spinelli both loathe him and would love to nail him to the wall. Spinelli especially would be upset to learn that Maxie is expecting his enemy's child.

Lulu will certainly stand by her friend no matter what she chooses to do. On Friday's show, the women discussed everything, but nothing was settled at that point. Maxie hadn't planned on telling her BFF about the pregnancy just yet, but they were both at the hospital and Lulu overheard her say that she didn't want something to get around. That prompted Maxie to spill the news.

This is the first full week that General Hospital returned from the 4-month hiatus and fans have expressed their excitement over all the drama. There is much more come in the next few weeks.