'General Hospital' Teases Pregnancy Shocker & Fans Have Plenty To Say About It

Recently, juicy General Hospital spoilers teased that a surprise pregnancy would soon emerge for someone in Port Charles. It seemed this shocker would be at least hinted at before the week was over and it didn't take long for Thursday's show to head down that path. While at Deception, Maxie had a sudden light-headed moment, which seems to be a heavy, soapy hint that she'll soon learn she's pregnant. Naturally, fans have plenty to say about the new development.

This pregnancy spoiler first emerged last week and fans had a lot of theories about which character would be involved. Molly seemed to be the most likely candidate, given her reunion with TJ and a one-night stand with Brando. Willow was another popular guess, but some fans suspected the writers had something else in mind.

Given that moment with Maxie at Deception and the subsequent ill moments she felt later with Peter, it looks as if she's the one who will have a surprise pregnancy. General Hospital spoilers have indicated that this upcoming pregnancy impacts a long-brewing conflict that is headed toward a climax. Peter's been scrambling to keep his secrets hidden for quite some time now, and learning that Maxie is pregnant with his child will definitely stir up a lot of chaos.

Maxie's apparent pregnancy quickly generated a lot of buzz across Twitter.

"No no no no no! No Maxie nooooooo!" was the simple Twitter reply from one General Hospital fan.

"Yuck poor Maxie is likely carrying Peter the omen's spawn," critiqued another viewer.

"For the love of 'LETS NOT DO THIS PLEASE' not MAXIE!!!!!! Please... NOT MAXIE #GH we don't need peter sticking around!!!!!!! Ughhhh," bemoaned another show fan.

"Maxie is feeling lightheaded. She is the one who is pregnant. We really having Maxie have 3 baby daddies? And one will be Peter? We don't want this," someone else declared.

The pairing of Maxie with Peter has always been fairly controversial among the show's viewers. If Maxie is indeed pregnant with Peter's child, it seems the writers might be facing an uphill battle in getting fans on board with the storyline.

Some viewers noted as the story developed throughout Thursday's episode that there is a unique opportunity for the writers to change course. Due to the coronavirus-forced General Hospital production hiatus, Thursday's show will be the last new one for awhile. Filming has yet to start up again, so those crafting this storyline could take a real-time look at fans' reactions before filming any additional episodes and adjust accordingly.

If Maxie does have Peter's baby, that certainly ups the ante for the intense reaction she'll have when she eventually learns of all his lies. General Hospital spoilers suggest this is going to be a wild ride for all involved and fans will probably have a lot to say about it in the months ahead.