Tucker Carlson Defends Kanye West: ‘Sometimes It Is Only The Crazy People Who Can See The World Clearly’

Tucker Carlson speaks onstage during Politicon 2018 at Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California.
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On Friday night, during the latest edition of his Fox News show, anchor Tucker Carlson defended rapper Kanye West from criticism, Mediaite reported.

Carlson began his monologue by praising West for being an outspoken opponent of abortion and Planned Parenthood, saying that “no one with a national platform has been more honest or sincere or effective” when it comes to these issues.

The anchor conceded that “not everything” the rapper stands for can be considered conservative, but argued that he is still far more courageous than most Republican politicians, who remain “afraid” of speaking their mind.

Carlson then ripped into Democratic Party politicians and liberal-leaning media for attacking West’s mental health.

“They decided to attack him as mentally ill. You hear that a lot now, but it’s a relatively new tactic,” he began, noting that the media used to describe the musician as “controversial,” but never discussed his alleged mental illness.

Carlson posited that coverage of the entertainer changed once West expressed support for President Donald Trump.

“They’re worried about the threat that West poses to Democratic party orthodoxy and therefore to their power,” he argued.

Carlson pointed out that West has openly discussed his mental health struggles, and noted that his aim was not to diagnose the musician with some kind of illness but to expose the apparent change in tone among Democrats and their media allies.

Carlson said that “we’re not pretending to be mental health experts and maybe Kanye West is crazy. But it’s also true — and wise people know this — that in a time like this, a lunatic time, sometimes it is only the crazy people who can see the world clearly.”

As Mediaite noted, West — who announced in July that he is running for President of the United States — recently held an emotional speech about abortion, sharing his own family’s experiences.

Kanye West speaks on stage at the 'Kanye West and Steven Smith in Conversation with Mark Wilson' in New York City.
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West has been criticized for deciding to launch a presidential campaign, with some suggesting that he is only doing so to help Trump win reelection.

In a recent interview, House Majority Whip James Clyburn argued that the musician’s bid is primarily an attempt to take votes from Joe Biden, the Democratic Party’s presumptive presidential nominee.

According to reports, several Republican operatives — including former Trump campaign lawyer Lane Ruhland — are working on West’s bid and trying to help him get on the ballot in key states.

The famous artist has missed the final deadline to appear on the ballot in many states, but even a write-in campaign could potentially influence the outcome of the election in battlegrounds such as Wisconsin.