Viral Photo Shows Donald Trump With What Appeared To Be Large Bruise On His Hand, Sparking Health Rumors

A viral photo showed what appeared to be a large bruise on Donald Trump’s hand, sparking rumors about the president’s health.

The picture shared on social media showed a large discolored spot on the top of the president’s right hand, just behind his thumb. It was not exactly clear what caused the discoloration, but many believed it looked like a bruise of unknown origin. The discoloration had not been seen earlier in the week during Trump’s public appearances — or at least was not apparent in video or pictures from his public appearances, including several press ops — leading many to believe that it was a new condition.

Some speculated that the bruise could have been from an IV, saying it appeared similar to the discoloration that appears after receiving intravenous fluids.

The picture of Trump’s discolored skin came just days after another viral video sparked more speculation about his health. During an appearance in North Carolina earlier in the week, Trump was seen with an unusual gait as he appeared to swing his foot sideways while walking. As The Inquisitr reported, many speculated that the unusual walking could have been the sign of a more serious problem.

This built on rumors that were sparked after video showed Trump seeming to struggle to lift a glass of water during a commencement speech at West Point back in June. Dr. Bandi X. Lee, a Yale University psychiatrist who has publicly questioned whether the president is suffering significant neurological issues, took to Twitter to say the struggle to lift a glass could be an indication of a much more serious issue.

“This is a persistent neurological sign that, combined with others, would be concerning enough to require a brain scan,” Lee wrote on Twitter.

You can see her tweet here.

That speculation was renewed after the photo of the discolored hand circulated on Saturday. While the image itself would likely not be the sign of a serious problem, critics have accused Trump of purposely concealing potential issues and not being honest about the information he has released to the public.

Saturday’s image has led to some unfounded rumors about Trump’s overall health. Later in the evening, the words “Walter Reed” shot to the top of Twitter’s trends, with many claiming — without evidence — that Trump had secretly visited the hospital that day when he claimed to be golfing. However, pool photos did show Trump on the golf course and there are no reports that he made an unannounced visit to the hospital.

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