Trump Voters Say They Won’t Accept The Results Of The Election If Biden Wins Due To Mail-In Votes

A employee at the Utah County Election office puts mail in ballots into a container
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A majority of President Donald Trump supporters say that if Joe Biden wins a close 2020 presidential election with the help of mail-in ballots, they won’t accept the results, according to a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll. Similarly, a small majority of Americans from both sides of the aisle believe that Trump won’t accept such results, either.

The issue of expanding voting by mail has been a topic of renewed discussion ever since the coronavirus pandemic began, with election officials in some states opting to use the process as a tool to keep voters and poll workers from having to crowd together in polling places. However, Republicans, led by Trump, have been adamantly opposed to expanding the process. They claim, without evidence, that it opens up the election to voter fraud.

Further, the president has hinted that if he loses the election, he may not accept the results.

As it turns out, a majority of Trump’s supporters appear prepared to not accept the results, either.

Voters were asked the question, “Suppose the election in November is very and [Donald Trump/Joe Biden] is winning because of an advantage in mail-in votes. Would you accept the results of the presidential election?”

Among voters who support Trump and answering hypothetically on the assumption that Biden wins, 21 percent answered “Yes,” 55 percent answered “No,” and 24 percent answered “Not sure.”

Donald Trump speaks to members of the press prior to a Marine One departure from the South Lawn of the White House
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By comparison, among voters who support Biden, 47 percent said they would accept the results if Trump wins, 26 percent said they would not, and 27 percent answered “Not sure.”

Similarly, poll respondents were asked to look into the future and determine how they think either Biden or Trump personally would respond to losing the election.

“If [Joe Biden/Donald Trump] loses a close election in November, do you think he will accept the result?”

Were Biden to lose, 41 percent of all voters (not broken down by supporters) believe he’ll accept the results, 29 percent believe he will not, and 30 percent weren’t sure. Were Trump to lose, 25 percent of voters believe he’ll accept the loss, 52 percent believe he will not, and 24 percent were not sure.

Yahoo News writer Andrew Romano posited that real estate mogul may be preemptively trying to invalidate the results, should he lose, because if the election were held today, a Trump loss would be almost a sure thing. Among national polls, Biden holds a nine-point lead, on average, over his opponent, 49 percent to 40 percent. Further, 94 percent of all likely voters say their minds are already made up and they are unlikely to change their vote.