WWE Rumors: AJ Styles Blasts Paul Heyman Again, Accuses Him Of Throwing People Under The Bus

AJ Styles went into greater depth this week when discussing the real-life issues he supposedly had with Paul Heyman during the latter's time as executive director of Monday Night Raw.

In a clip from his most recent Twitch stream, which can be viewed here, Styles started out his rant about Heyman by reiterating a few points he had made recently, saying that he asked to be moved to Friday Night SmackDown because he "couldn't stand looking" at him. After accusing the former Raw creative head once again of lying to him, Styles explained that he was initially fine with staying on the red brand because he wanted to be available if his son would have a football game on a Friday. However, he added that he was, at that time, already asking officials if he could be switched to SmackDown "if there's ever an opportunity."

Styles went on to claim that he has worked with several people in WWE who "despised" Heyman because of his alleged lies and his tendency to pass the blame to these individuals whenever he makes a mistake.

"He would try to throw them under the bus so they'd get in trouble. I heard this from several, several different people. It was kind of hard to find someone who liked him. And I didn't know this, I just assumed everybody liked him and I was the only one."
Commenting on why he thinks WWE chairman Vince McMahon relieved Heyman of his creative duties in June, Styles said that his boss is a "very smart man" who can "see through a lot of crap." He suggested that McMahon might have taken stock of the allegations that Heyman is a dishonest person and decided to fire him because he's "just not well-liked" among his fellow employees.

Paul Heyman (R) cuts a promo on behalf of his client, Brock Lesnar (L).

In addition, Styles recommended that Heyman should stick to his current onscreen role as Brock Lesnar's mouthpiece, saying this is a job that he does well. The reigning Intercontinental Champion concluded his comments on the matter by stressing that the former Raw executive director only has himself to blame for his dismissal and that there are other people who also see him as a liar.

Styles' remarks were made just a few days after his friends, Karl Anderson and Doc (formerly Luke) Gallows, expressed similar sentiments on an episode of their Talk 'N Shop podcast. The recent Impact Wrestling signees claimed that Heyman might have been behind WWE's decision to release them in April, despite how he had seemingly supported them when they re-signed with the promotion last summer.