Stephanie Sanzo Flaunts Chiseled Physique In Tiny Booty Shorts For Weighted Glutes Training

Fitness model Stephanie Sanzo flaunted her gym-honed figure on Wednesday, July 22. She took to social media site Instagram to post a workout circuit in which she trained her glute muscles.

The fitness trainer wore a black crop top with short sleeves that clung to Stephanie’s upper body and showed off her muscular arms. She paired the shirt with gray booty shorts that rose to her navel and extended to just below her sculpted backside, leaving the length of her legs exposed. A small gap between the top and bottoms revealed a strip of toned tummy.

Stephanie completed the outfit with a pair of light pink sneakers. She wore her long, blond tresses styled in a high ponytail that trailed down her back and over her shoulders as she worked out.

The model trained her glutes in a gym setting and made use of a 10-kg (22-pound) barbell for added resistance. She also took to a variety of machines that targeted different muscle groups for some of the moves. Stephanie completed a total of five exercises.

In the first video clip, Stephanie showed off her impressive strength with a set of Bulgarian split squats. She pulled the 10-kg barbell up and over her head to rest on her shoulders while placing one foot behind her on a red bench. She then performed a series of squats in this position. The second exercise was goodmornings. This move also required the use of the weight. Stephanie stood with the bar across her upper back and bent over repeatedly with her legs held straight.

The third slide featured hip thrusts, performed on a specialized machine. However, Stephanie specified in her caption that trainees can use a barbell for this one as well. Banded hip abductions followed the thrusts. Stephanie wrapped the band around her thighs and lifted and lowered her hips multiple times. The final clip showed the belt squat, which was carried out on a piece of equipment that added resistance with plate weights.

In the caption of the post, Stephanie wrote out the number of sets and reps her followers should do for each exercise. She added that the routine is a gym-based workout appropriate for anyone trying to rebuild and strengthen their glutes.

The post earned a few thousand likes and several dozen comments within the first half hour of appearing on the photo-sharing site.

“Absolute goals. Will be trying this!” one Instagram user wrote in the comments section.

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