Stephanie Sanzo Shows Off Extreme Strength With 264-Pound Deadlift

Fitness model Stephanie Sanzo added a new video to her Instagram page on Friday, July 17, in which she showed off her extreme strength with a 264-pound deadlift.

The fitness trainer wore a black t-shirt with a graphic design across the front. She paired the top with tiny pink shorts that were almost entirely hidden by the t-shirt and featured small bows up the sides. The shorts gave viewers an eyeful of Stephanie’s chiseled quads. She decided to forgo shoes for the lift and wore a pair of knee-high socks with a red logo. Stephanie pulled her long, brunette tresses up into a high ponytail to keep her hair from falling her face during her workout. She accessorized with a black exercise watch.

The lift took place at a gym. Stephanie was filmed standing on a black mat with a large barbell placed in front of her. Each side contained three plate weights, totaling 264 lbs (120 kg). Stephanie began the lift by placing her chalked hands on the bar. She tugged on the barbell a couple of times and then pulled, leaving her arms completely extended and locking her knees as she came up. The model’s muscular arms and legs strained with the force as she lifted the weights.

Stephanie completed the move five times. At the end of the clip, she dropped the bar and flipped her ponytail over her head, breathing out hard as she shook out her limbs.

In the caption of the video, Stephanie told her followers that the most common question her fans ask is if she ever performs the conventional deadlift, to which she responded that she does. The trainer added that the majority of her deadlifting is performed using a sumo technique as it’s “better suited” to her “leverages.” However, she always incorporates conventional deadlifts into her training sessions as well. The model advised trainees to switch positions from time to time to help reduce fatigue and desensitize the body to their regular deadlift technique.

The post earned nearly 20,000 likes and close to 400 comments within the first day. Stephanie received dozens of questions about lifting in the comments section.

“Question are you suppose to lock your knees I’ve asked different ppl this question! And I’m still stuck on it!!!! HHHEEEELLLLLPPPPPP,” one Instagram user commented.

Stephanie responded with, “…there’s a big difference between locking your knees and hyperextending your knees. The knees should be locked but never hyperextended. I hope that helps!”

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