‘Lost Planet 3’ Pre-Order Bonuses Announced

Lost Planet 3 retailer specific pre-order bonuses have just been announced. This is particularly good news for fans of the game who might have been a bit disheartened by the news that the game’s release would be delayed until August.

The third iteration of the series will have several different bonuses that you can get should you pre-order the game. What bonuses exactly you will get depends quite a bit on which retailer you decide to go with.

Best Buy, Amazon.com and Gamestop are offering up goodies should you choose to pre-order from one of their stores. None of these add-ons will likely be all that earth shattering and you probably won’t be all that sad if you miss out.

Having said that, if you are someone who is going to get the game anyway, there is no reason to not pre-order and get a couple of freebies along the way. Gamestop seems to be offering the most original DLC as you can get five different characters to play in the multiplayer, including Hunk from Resident Evil.

Best Buy and Amazon are offering up different weapons and mechs if you decide to pre-order with them. The game, which was originally slated for June 25 is now going to be launched almost exactly two months later.

That means you should have plenty of time to go out and figure out which retailer you want to get your pre-order from. There are a couple of different videos you can watch that will not only show off the sort of add-ons you can get from these retailers but will also give you a little more insight into the actual gameplay.

Lost Planet 3 is going to need to drum up some real interest in the title in order to wash away the bad taste of Lost Planet 2 and giving away free power-ups can’t hurt.

Check out the videos of Lost Planet 3 and tell us what you think.