Lost Planet 3 To Be Released June 25

Lost Planet 3 is finally getting a solid release date as the game’s developer Capcom said it will hit store shelves on June 25 in North America. Capcom added that the game would be released on June 28 in Europe.

For those who were anxiously awaiting the game the news that they’ll have to wait until the end of June will be a bit of a disappointing surprise. Capcom had originally said that the third iteration of Lost Planet would be out in early 2013.

Lost Planet 3 will actually be a prequel to the first two games, despite the fact that it is clearly listed as the third in a series. Along with the release date,there was a swath of other information released.

Gamers have gotten to see what the actual box will look like, as well as a couple of screen shots. In this new title, the main character, Jim Payton will encounter a group of “snow pirates’ and will form a bond with one of them in particular.

After getting into a shootout with colonial forces, Payton is rescued by the daughter of the leader of the snow pirates and realizes that the company he has been working for aren’t what they seem.

Pre-ordering the game will give players access to special bonuses, depending on who they pre-order from. If people order from GameStop they will receive the Freedom Fighter pack (five unique multiplayer characters and two rig upgrades). Those who purchase from Best Buy will get the Assault Pack and Amazon is offering up the Punisher Pack (three unique weapons and two rig upgrades).

The game will be released on the Playstation 3 and the Microsoft Xbox 360. Wii U users will miss out on this well known title.

When Lost Planet 3 is released on June 25, will you run out and get yourself a copy?

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