Woman Faked Cancer And Used Donations To Buy Heroin

Jennifer Deutschmann

A Long Island woman was indicted for faking cancer and using the donations to buy heroin. Brittany Ozarowski, age 21, aggressively sought donations through Facebook, charity events, and from friends and family, to help pay for cancer treatment. She has now been charged with fraud as she was never diagnosed with the debilitating disease.

Ozarowski claimed that she was diagnosed with stage two ovarian cancer and stomach cancer in 2011. She stated that she successfully completed chemotherapy and radiation treatment and was in remission for two months.

On her website, Ozarowski claims that the cancer returned in 2012, infecting her bones, spine, and brain. She asked for donations as she said her family could no longer afford the $33,000 per day treatments.

Brittany set up "donation jars" around town and created a website and Facebook page in an attempt to collect money to help with her medical bills. Links on her website lead to a PayPal Account that she set up as well.

It is a sad story indeed, but it was completely fabricated. As reported by Long Island News 12, Ozarowski's elaborate scam lasted for nearly a year. Authorities confirmed that the woman faked having cancer and used the donations to buy heroin.

One local business owner reports that she donated nearly $10,000 to Ozarowski. She reportedly left donation jars at at least 25 local businesses and held several charity donation events.

Used cancer donations to buy heroin

As reported by Bronx News 12, Suffolk District Attorney Thomas Spota stated that "it was a scam." He confirmed that Ozarowski was never diagnosed with cancer and has never received cancer treatment of any kind. He further states "that the only thing there was, was heroin and more heroin."

Faked Cancer, Used Facebook For Donations

The community is outraged as they felt sympathy for the young girl and graciously donated to her phony cause.

Ozarowski is currently incarcerated for faking cancer and using the donations to buy heroin. She was arrested on 24 criminal charges which include petit larceny and forgery. She is currently being held on $5,000 bond pending an arraignment.

Heroin Addict Used Cancer Donations To Buy Drugs