Burglar Steals Pit Bull With Pudding

Wenatchee, WA – A burglar stole a pit bull from a home in Washington though the supposed guard dog didn’t seem to complain.

Residents of a home in East Wenatchee came home on Saturday night to find an intruder in their kitchen. To their surprise, their supposed guard dog was not upset.

Instead, Dan Reierson, assistant chief with the East Wenatchee Police Department stated, “He was standing there with the refrigerator door open and feeding their dog some pudding.”

The suspect, Jason McDaniel, calmly explained to the couple that he was looking for a man to kill. Thankfully for them, the man did not live at their house.

The suspect sat down in a rocking chair in the couple’s living room and chatted with them for a while before walking out the front door. McDaniel then called to the pit bull, who followed him — likely hoping for some more pudding.

The residents reported the break in and subsequent pit bull theft around 8:20 pm. Reirson added that the suspect gave his name to the couple while he was inside their home, allowing police to identify him quickly. They arrested him at his residence in Wenatchee before the night was through.

McDaniel, 38, was arrested on residential burglary charges. Police believe that he entered the couple’s home through a broken basement window.

To the couple’s dismay, however, their pit bull appeared to have wandered off. Reierson explained that the dog was not found at the suspect’s residence and has not been seen since. Anyone with information on Buddy, who is mostly black with a white stripe on his chest, is asked to call the Wenatchee police department (509) 884-9511.

Despite their reputation as excellent guard dogs, the couple may choose a different breed the next time they get a canine.

Does the story of a burglar using pudding to steal a pit bull change your perception of the breed?

[Image via ShutterStock]