First Words After Coma: Take Me To Bob Seger Concert

A 79-year-old woman’s first words after a coma were “I want to go to a Bob Seger concert.” She had been in the coma for five years. Evie Branan of Flint Township, Michigan, was in the coma after suffering a stroke.

Branan woke up from the coma in May, 2011. Nearly one year later, her wish for a Bob Seger concert is about to come true. Branan already has the tickets for the April, 11 show at the Palace in Auburn Hills. She is especially excited as she also received an invitation for an after party.

As reported by, Branan’s recovery is being described as a “miracle.” In one moment her entire life changed as she suffered a massive stroke. The stroke, and subsequent head injury, left her unable to communicate or move. She remained in a coma for five years.

Staff at the Willowbrook Manor, where Branan resides, report that her first words after the coma were “I want to go to a Bob Seger concert.” Inspired by her recovery, Willowbrook administrator Michelle Cross purchased the Bob Seger tickets for herself, Branan, and one of Branan’s assistants.

Cross has also arranged a limo ride for the special night out. Seger’s staff reportedly helped coordinate the evening, but it is unclear whether Branan will have the opportunity to meet the musician.

As reported by UPI, this will be Branan’s fourth Bob Seger concert. She is very thankful to have the opportunity to see her musical hero after such a long and serious illness. Her wish is to be able to hug “Bob Seger and give him a big smooch.”

Although she loves Bob Seger as a musician, she has no idea why her first words after the coma were requesting to see a Bob Seger concert. She thinks he may have been in her thoughts before she had the stroke.

[Image via Wikimedia]