Man Killed While Moving Injured Rabbit From Highway

An elderly man was killed while moving an injured rabbit from a Wyoming highway over the weekend. According to local authorities, he was struck by a passing vehicle as he attempted to tend to the wounded animal.

According the Wyoming Highway Patrol, 79-year-old William Kieren died Sunday morning from injuries he sustained during the accident. Few details of the fatal crash have been released as authorities reportedly attempt to piece together the exact sequence of events that claimed the gentleman’s life.

The tragic accident reportedly occurred at approximately 9 pm on Saturday. Authorities have confirmed that Kieren was traveling on Wyoming Highway 230, located west of Laramie, when he pulled his car to the side of the two-lane road.

According to the Highway Patrol, Kieren stepped away from his vehicle with the intention of moving an injured rabbit from the roadway.

Kieren, who lived in Laramie, was allegedly standing in close proximity to the highway’s center line when he was struck by another vehicle.

The driver of the vehicle has reportedly been identified by authorities as 25-year-old Samantha Brown, also a resident of Laramie. She claims that she did not see the man as he was moving the wounded rabbit.

Brown reportedly explained to responding officers that she noticed Kieren’s vehicle parked on the shoulder of the highway. According to Brown’s statement to police, she proceeded with an attempt to change lanes, trying to avoid the stationary vehicle.

According to Brown, she did not see Kieren standing near the center of the highway until she struck him with her car. Although she felt the impact, it wasn’t until Brown looked back that she realized the man had been struck and knocked to the ground close to his vehicle.

Keiren was rushed to a Fort Collins medical facility for treatment. According to officials from the Highway Patrol, the 79-year-old passed away early the next day from injuries sustained during the unfortunate accident. At this time, police have not confirmed the exact nature of the Keiren’s fatal wounds.

Samantha Brown, who did not suffer any injuries during the crash, was not detained by police and has not been charged with any crime. Police continue to investigated exactly how the man was killed while trying to move the rabbit. The animal at the center of the accident was reportedly euthanized by an officer at the scene.

[Top image via Shutterstock]