'Watch Dogs' Release Date, New Trailer Teased In Ad

The Watch Dogs release date could be only a couple of months away, but it's coming soon. According to a new ad seen online recently (and since removed), the anticipated Ubisoft title may be getting a specific launch date when the next trailer hits.

It was falsely reported before that the release date would be in November of this year, and updated to reflect that it was officially announced for Spring (our apologies). However, a specific Watch Dogs release date hadn't been stated beyond that.

Ubisoft's semi-futuristic killer IP is set to pick up the fans that gave up on Assassin's Creed after several lackluster releases in a row, as well as the latest one which revived the series. Watch Dogs' modern day setting uses technology that really isn't far from what we have today, unlike Ubisoft's other series which has been placed in various stages throughout time and the world itself.

It was previously thought that perhaps the worlds of Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed would one day combine in a final chapter. Though it would be interesting to see Desmond's currently nameless successor leave Abstergo and join forces with Aiden Pearce, Ubisoft has stated it isn't likely to happen. The game worlds Ubisoft created do appear to be shared, with Easter Eggs tossed in as references to other games, but you won't see a working Animus in Watch Dogs, or anyone hacking the network to take over Abstergo in Assassin's Creed.

For now we are only speculating on the Watch Dogs release date. A pop-up advertisement was spotted on the PlayStation blog with a closeup of Aiden Pearce and the words:

"Watch Dogs is on its way... find out the release date in this new trailer. Are you ready?"

For now, that is all we have to suggest the pending announcement of a specific date.

Initially Watch Dogs was postponed from its expected release alongside the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with Ubisoft only stating that they wanted to make sure it met with their expectations for quality. Speculation suggests that the real reason was that they didn't want to go up against the latest Call of Duty or their own Assassin's Creed 4.

It is a possibility that the Watch Dogs release date will coincide with EA and Respawn's Titanfall in the second week of March. However, announcing the release date less than a month away is rarely ever done, if at all. Ubisoft's announcements usually come around the end of the day, so the new Watch Dogs trailer may just be released later today.

Until the trailer hits, we can't know beyond the Spring announcement what the Watch Dogs release date will be. When do you think Ubisoft's next killer IP will hit?